Snake Head Found in Can of Green Beans

20 06 2007

Philadelphia man says he found snake head in can of green beans

The Associated Press

PHILADELPHIA – Earl Hartman was a little rattled by something he says he found in a can of green beans: a snake head.

The Philadelphia man said he found the inch-long head on his plate Wednesday night, right between a chicken breast and buttered noodles. He said it came out of the green bean can.

“When I sat down, I noticed something didn’t look right,” Hartman told WCAU-TV. “It didn’t look like a green bean.”

Hartman said he called the Pathmark store where he bought the beans, and got a call back from Seneca Foods in upstate New York, where the vegetables were canned.

Rich Savner, a spokesman for Carteret, N.J.-based Pathmark Stores Inc., confirmed that a customer reported finding a “foreign substance” in a can of green beans, but said officials had not determined what it was.

The store conducted spot checks of other cans, but nothing out of the ordinary turned up, Savner said. Similar cans were removed from the shelves as a precaution.

A woman who answered the telephone at Marion, N.Y.-based Seneca Foods Corp. on Friday said the company had no comment.

(Source: Philadelphia Inquirer)

If I’ve ever heard of a reason to have no comment, this would be the place!




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