Evolution of Apple’s Products

25 06 2007

Edwin Tofslie put together a fantastic visual of all how Apple has evolved as a brand over the past 30 years. Sometimes a picture says a thousand words:

Apple evolution

I have fond memories of that good old Apple IIc. Anyone else think about BASIC from time to time? Old school favorites such as Lemonade Stand and Lode Runner? Tell me about it!




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25 06 2007
Old School Software Versions « NowSourcing

[…] School Software Versions 25 06 2007 Staying on the same thread about my post on the evolution of Apple over the last 30 years – if you’re like me, you get used to the the look and feel of your apps. Then, all of a […]

10 07 2007

anything I touch with the cursor generates a pop up window …what a TERRIBLE web site . shoot yourself NOW!

10 07 2007

I really don’t think that was necessary. I doubt you would say something like that in person to someone.

Also, 2 things:
1 – WordPress has the Snap auto-previews enabled for when you hover over a link. This is designed to save you time before going to a site that you didn’t want to go to in the first place.

2 – Links go to new windows – yes, I have it like this by design. Reason is, I’d like my readers to see that I’ve done my homework on my posts. Still, these outbound links are almost always supplemental reading, so why should it replace the current browser and interrupt a perfectly good article? Maybe you and I just plain disagree, but I’m not going to tell you to, let’s say…take a long walk off a short pier 🙂

10 07 2007
The Sly Fox

That’s a great pic. Brings up a lot of memories as I own a significant number of those machines featured. I say “own” because I never threw any of them out. There is a Mac Classic, an SE, a Color Classic, and many others randomly located in my basement and/or garage.

10 07 2007

@Sly Fox,
Yes, really brings back the good times. I really had fun with my Apple IIc. Never throw them away! 🙂

23 07 2007
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[…] Read more about the Apple store entrance fee at BBspot. Or checkout the evolution of Apple products over at NowSourcing. […]

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