Disable Snap Previews

26 07 2007

Disable Snap Previews

By popular demand, I have disabled snap previews on my site (not over the whole world, like breaking the Internet).

For those of you that like the Snap preview, I haven’t heard from you. Comment here if you really want it back.

By the way, there is a way to disable Snap previews for all sites. Lifehacker mentioned it earlier this year.

How to Disable Snap Preview in WordPress

So how do you do it? Simple:

1. Log in to your WordPress account.

Wordpress login

2. Click the Presentation tab

Wordpress presentation tab

3. On the Extras subnav, uncheck the “Enable Snap Preview Anywhere on this blog”

Disable Snap Previews





4 responses

26 07 2007
Chris Hoskin

Can I ask why? Or can you post me to a post where you have mentioned this before.

I quite like snap preview – but I am keen to understand more well-thought through comments on it.

Chris @ Rawstylus.wordpress.com

26 07 2007

Thanks for posting – there have been a couple of comments somewhere in the blog of people not liking the Snap auto-preview. I too, find it annoying at times, especially when:

1 – I accidentally hovered over a link
2 – the page has not been queued, so the preview is meaningless
3 – other blog posts show up in RSS, so it’s difficult to read
4 – it slows me down

Part of me wanted to keep the feature, and maybe I’ll put it back in. Thanks for posting your thoughts on the subject!

1 10 2007

Hi, I know this is an old post that I found through stumbleupon, but just wanted to let you know I actually love the snap previews. They are different from the text ads. Just thought you might appreciate the feedback for future reference. Cheers! 😉

10 10 2007

I think it’s very annoying. If I wanted to see what the link was I’d click it. I don’t want to load something just because I accidentally moved my mouse over it.

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