Forget Digg. Get flamed “in style” at StumbleUpon

10 10 2007

Surely, if you have ever posted anything to Digg that didn’t make the front page, you’ve been hit with comments such as lame, fail, old news, or something like that.

I’ve found that StumbleUpon has some interesting folks that expand quite a bit on their negative opinions. Take my recent post about the 16 personality types of StumbleUpon users. It was generally very well liked (23 reviews, 20 of which were positive), but if you take a look at the thumbs down reviews, you’ll find things like this one from TravisKab:

StumbleUpon users don’t hold back with criticism

It’s nice to be able to sit back and laugh about this. Just so you all know, I really don’t feel compelled to pigeonhole myself as a personality type and frolic (spelling?) in traffic. But, I do like to take notice of interesting patterns in social media and spread the word about them. And strong opinions one way or the other make life far more interesting than zombies saying “nice post,” “lame,” or “I don’t like it”. By all means, keep the discussion going.

And hey, people that post positive reviews are also pretty verbose. Take this one from TheNanny612 for instance:

StumbleUpon users also put in meaningful thumbs up reviews.

I do see the point of the couple of thumbs down reviews on the 16 personalities post. People were expecting a more thorough analysis of StumbleUpon users and felt that the Myers Briggs test was not substantial / accurate enough to be based upon. To this, I respond that this is a social media blog, not a psychology lab )

Hey, if you want to do some grant writing, we put some stumblers in a sensory deprivation chamber for a while and see how they do. It’s still pretty good that StumbleUpon even has a spot for personality type unlike most social media stuff that is out there.




5 responses

13 10 2007
site funda

stumble upon is good, it is sending me a lot of traffic also, sometimes over 1k+ hits a day. Only once i have made the home page of digg, but then my site ran out of bandwidth and was down for days!

1 01 2008

Yea, you know.. I’ve click on stumble! button and suddenly i am on this blog and write this comment.
See.. stumble give you a traffic.

13 01 2008
Nhuong Son

I’m just starting to use stumbleupon, i love visiting random sites, it’s like the shuffle button on itunes! but with the whole (well most) of the internet!

17 01 2008

I find stumbleupon very good as well if you know how to use it, it will bring tons of visitors.

29 01 2008

You’re right, people should take this kind of post with a grain of salt.

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