Old School Software Versions

25 06 2007

Staying on the same thread about my post on the evolution of Apple over the last 30 years – if you’re like me, you get used to the the look and feel of your apps. Then, all of a sudden, and sometimes completely for no reason, the program gets an “update” – killing everything you liked about it in the first place. You go along and continue to use the “new and improved” (read: bloatware) program. I guess eventually, you can get used to the new program version, but What if you didn’t have to?


Now there’s OldVersion.com. As they put it “because newer is not always better”, you can go all the way back on different programs.
For example, I really don’t like the newer versions of Winzip. Using OldVersion.com, I can go to one sufficiently more old school, like Winzip 6.0 (although all of these are obsolete if you’re using Windows XP and simply use the integrated Compressed (zipped) Folders.

Some of the more humorous ones are AOL 1.0, Internet Explorer 1.0, and Winamp 0.2.

What’s nice about this site is that they go to the trouble to tell you about the major version changes about different products.

Old school versions of apps mean something to you. Similar to where an old song might bring you back to a time and place in your head, seeing an older version of an app brings back memories to us computer folk.


Evolution of Apple’s Products

25 06 2007

Edwin Tofslie put together a fantastic visual of all how Apple has evolved as a brand over the past 30 years. Sometimes a picture says a thousand words:

Apple evolution

I have fond memories of that good old Apple IIc. Anyone else think about BASIC from time to time? Old school favorites such as Lemonade Stand and Lode Runner? Tell me about it!