Stumbleupon + Technorati + + Flickr = Xoocle, an Interesting Mashup

15 07 2007

Xoocle SU Mashup

Xoocle, an interesting Stumbleupon mashup (currently in Alpha mode) has been created by Thanassis.  Simply enter your Stumbleupon username, and you are then given a listing of all your SU tags.  The first tag will automatically do a mashup on that tag against other popular social networking sites – technorati,, and flickr.

how Xoocle SU mashup works

This is a wonderful resource to see what’s going on in several communities at the same time.  Keep in mind that if you have a general tag such as computers, you’re going to have a very wide variety of different hits across the different sites, but that just speaks to your tagging.  Nicely done!


Will blog for food

28 06 2007


(source: DoshDosh)

DoshDosh has posted a great listing of paid blogging websites. She speaks of the more commonly known sites such as PayPerPost.  I wonder how many people are really trying to blog as their sole existence.  Most are probably juggling between full time and part time jobs and are looking for a little supplemental income.  Maybe others are ghostwriters and getting paid better.

What about using paid blogging websites as more of an interviewing tool? Meaning you sample some bloggers’ work and then hire the best ones on staff? It could work….

We’re on the map!

17 06 2007

As of June 15, 2007, ranked us #32 on its list of growing blogs.

NowSourcing blog - #32 - on the move!

Thanks, readers!