– Interesting Way to Raise Money

13 07 2007 is becoming more and more popular lately. This neat web 2.0 site is tearing up the donations track.

What’s that you say? Donations don’t sound exciting? The only news that you want to hear about has something to do with the Bush Administration or the iPhone? Guess again.

Yes, Chipin is making it easy for the world to donate money to your cause right from your website. And they make you look good:

Sample chipin

Very simple interface. NowSourcing was impressed by the ease of use. Simply register, enter your campaign, how much you want to raise, when you need it by, and your PayPal email account. After that, you have a very slick flash widget that you can put right on your site. They also just released widgets for your Facebook profile (note: Facebook account required to view), allowing you to raise money for the groups you’re a part of on Facebook.

With me so far? Instead of having a boring, old little donate button, you get a sweet looking Chipin badge for your cause. What’s more is that these guys are hard at work on making a non-profit fundraising badge that includes the non-profit logo, integrated video, custom design, and messaging. The best part is that you can make your non-profit badge available to other bloggers that support your cause as well.

Currently, Chipin plans to release these special non-profit badges in August 2007. Read more about it here.

Thank you for reading my review – if you’re in the giving mood, do get a chance to check out my cause that I’m trying to raise money for. It is a children’s playground fund (look under the left nav). Thanks for stopping by!

Advertisements – new site for mp3 torah lessons is live!

20 06 2007

Although we launched this site a little while ago now, it was right before the start of this blog and is worthy of mention here.
is a collection of shiurim (Hebrew for Jewish lectures on torah, or Jewish topics) available for download in mp3 format. This is perfect for the commuter that is looking to learn during these otherwise unproductive moments. Some of the shiurim are free, while others are on a pay per download basis with a PayPal back end. Samples are also available.

We did an entire administration build for this client, giving them the ability for adding new speakers, new shiurim, and to dynamically adjust information. Our custom design also makes it a pleasure to look through the different shiurim choices. Congratulations, Shiurimtogo!