Top 10 Reasons Companies Don’t Need a Website

17 06 2007

Here’s a top 10 list of reasons I’ve compiled of companies that either think they don’t need a website at all, or have an outdated site that badly needs updating:

1 – I’m too small of a company to have a website.

Well, I’ve heard of many people that have a website for their one man band operation. Better still, others have sites for companies that they have started on the side.

2 – We are only based locally.

At first glance, this looks like a plausible reason not to have a website. However, it is not. Wonderful things like Geo-Targeting increase a local company’s visibility in the region. Bob Nicholson does a good job explaining how Google uses Geo-Targeting for AdSense marketing in this video:

3 – I have a small website already, and it works just fine.

Your current website might not fit your company’s needs as well as it used to. The site may be outdated and not display correctly in modern browsers. Also, if you choose to advertise, your site may not be search engine ready. There may also be broken to links that you have linked to in the past.

4 – I’d like to have a website, but I heard that it costs too much.

A new website or a good refresh of an old one starts in the hundreds of dollars for a basic site, depending on how much is involved. You could even get a canned template website for less than that (although not preferred, more about that later).

5 – It probably isn’t worth the investment.

Depending on the line of work you’re in, even if your new website generates one sale, you could make back the money you spent on getting your website up and running. Also, today’s competitive market dictates that a prospective client might see your company as behind the times or unable to compete if you do not already have a website by now.
6 – It’s too difficult to maintain.

A basic website only needs the maintenance of having new and exciting content. Modifying content on basic websites is easy enough if you know basic HTML.

7 – Well, I don’t know nor do I want to learn HTML. I want to make my own changes, and don’t want to spend money just to have a webmaster make changes for me.

Fair point (but I wish I had a nickel for every time I heard this one 🙂 ). You should install a web content management system so that you’ll be able to modify your pages without the danger of breaking your code.

8 – We are low tech, so we don’t need one.

Regardless of industry, a website can enhance any company’s business. I’ve seen many manufacturing companies that greatly benefit once they are able to take quotations and orders online. They even extend some protected areas of their sites to their partners (called an extranet).

9 – We already advertise the way we always have (print, radio, tv, etc).

That’s fine, but your competition has full access to the web, why shouldn’t you?

10 – I wouldn’t know where to start.

As with anything new to you – just take the first step and speak to a reputable website design / development company. A good company should be able to bring you through the process and more importantly keep you involved without taking the project over 100%. If you as the customer do not stay in the loop, don’t blame the web development company when it turns out to not at all be what you were looking for.

Advertisements – new site!

14 06 2007

We’ve been pretty busy getting several sites up these days. The latest is, a for-hire Psychology agency that assists school districts for as needed services (i.e. when they do not have people on staff for budgetary reasons) and special consulting.

Check them out at! Congrats, Nancy! – free executive job search is live!

12 06 2007

I’m pleased to announce that the complete redesign of is now live!


The Louisville Executive Resource Network (otherwise known as LERN) provides

We’ve done a complete overhaul on the site – new design and back end. Also created CMS functionality with an integrated electronic payment system through Google Checkout for members to sign up (free resource for businesses).

Don’t believe me? here’s the old site

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Welcome to the NowSourcing official blog!

12 06 2007

Welcome everyone! This is going to be the place that we communicate new project launches, look for talented people to join our team, and other cool news about what we are up to. We’ll write up some interesting articles about current technology trends, news, and issues. Look to us for web and mobile technologies, design, SEO, project management, and much more! Thanks for checking us out!